Diesel turbochargers: repair and maintenance

The first sign of turbocharger’s malfunction is a «strange» noise in the car: whistling, creaking and others. Perhaps a foreign object got in the turbo, or the oil was not changed on time. In any case, it is important to inspect it, investigate causes, and, if necessary, repair diesel turbo.
SMTurbo company offers its clients a wide range of goods and services:

  • Sale of turbochargers and spare parts for them;
  • replacement of separate components of equipment;
  • full complex repair of turbochargers

SMTurbo specialists will make high-quality repair of diesel turbochargers. We work with world-class products: Mitsubishi, BorgWarner, IHI, Garrett, Schwitzer, ККК.
We offer:

  • diagnostics
  • complete disassembly of a compressor
  • replacement of all elements of a faulty turbocharger (except for the housing);
  • inspection of engine performance after repair of turbo
  • client consultation on all issues.

- Free professional turbocharger diagnostics;

- Own production with modern equipment;

- Warranty Compliance;

- Prompt delivery to all regions by transport companies;

Our advantages

  • we work with original new equipment;

  • high-quality operational service;

  • attractive price for diesel turbochargers repair.

If you find cheaper - let us know! Using SMTurbo services, you will surely be satisfied!

Repair of turbochargers of diesel engines in SMTurbo is carried out on specialized equipment intended specifically for the maintenance of diesel engines. In case when repair is pointless, you will be offered an adequate replacement: to buy a new turbocharger from our product range at an affordable price.
It is undesirable to repair a turbocharger yourself. Even if you are sure that you possess all professional skills and able to do everything correctly, it is not worth giving in to a desire to save. Always remember: penny-wise and pound-foolish!

Contact SMTurbo specialists and get qualified service at the best prices! And good luck on the road!